International waste-transformation project development beneficially using waste as an economic feedstock

  • Alleviating environmental contamination
  • Creating sustainable economic base
  • Developing global markets for processed waste
  • Transforming waste to energy
  • Providing effective technologies to emerging markets
  • Financing project development
  • Valuing waste as a resource

  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) from MSW
  • Densified fuel from industrial effluents/organic wastes
  • Mining waste recovery, metals and minerals
  • MSW/Biomass- to- Energy Plants
  • Alternative Energies, solar and wind
  • Fertilizer and feed production facilities
  • Organic fertilizers and soil amendment products
  • Effective management of all animal/municipal wastes

September, 2012

Saxon Metals and Mining Co.,, a subsidiary of Flagship Trading and GWSGRP, has been formed and agreements being put in place.

July, 2012

GWSGRP through its subsidiary Flagship Trading will be setting up small mine processing centers in emerging market locations and structure gold buying/selling agreements.

April, 2012

GWSGRP has entered into an international marketing agreement for the grinder/dryer that will provide biomass fueled heat for the dryer portion of the small foot print biomass processing system.

March, 2012

GWSGRP and its Flagship Trading company has entered into a counter-trade program in Europe to trade agriculture products and fertilizers and build a biomass fuel pellet plant.

October, 2011

GWSGRP has entered into a LOI to reverse merge with a USA based entity, with the intent of becoming a publicly traded company.

September, 2011

Flagship Trading, a global trading platform and division of GWSGRP has entered into an agreement with a Canadian software firm to develop and maintain the trading platform and website.

June, 2011

GWSGRP has formed an Economic Development team with focus on beneficial/economic use of waste, manufacturing for export, and agro-economic development. The highly experienced team is available for international projects on a consulting basis.

May, 2011

GWSGRP’s associated company has entered into a contract to organize and build a green ship recycling company. GWSGRP will supply environmental and other services for the hazardous material handling and scrap marketing.

April, 2011

GWSGRP’s associated company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for supply of fuel pellet plant and equipment in USA.

March, 2011

GWSGRP’s associated company has entered into an agreement to supply a water purifying and bottling facility for a West Africa country.

January, 2011

GWSGRP’s associated companies have entered into two additional mining agreements with further projects under review. A publicly traded corporate entity is being sought for mining.

January, 2011

GWSGRP’s associated companies have entered into its first gold and precious stones trading agreement. Arrangements have been made with an established USA diamond cutting and distribution company.

November, 2010

GWSGRP announces formation of Flagship Trading Company for global trading of fertilizers, feeds, fuels, minerals and production for its international partners and representatives.

October, 2010

GWSGRP is entering into a counter-trade agreement to supply equipment to a Sub Saharan country, and trade Latin American product for organic fertilizer.

September, 2010

GWSGRP has entered into a working agreement to supply liquid organic fertilizer from USA orgin.

September, 2010

Management Addition: V.P. of Agricultural and Services has been added to the staff of GWSGRP.

August, 2010

GWSGRP has formed a minerals and metals recovery division, to recover values from mining and industrial wastes.

August, 2010

GWSGRP has entered into a LOI to market a proven Pyrolysis Technology, with pilot plant, to create paraffin from waste plastics, providing high BTU value feedstock.

July, 2010

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